About Our Company

At TKMS, our mission is to be a trusted partner with our clients and enhance their ability to deliver quality products to their patients worldwide, allowing them to live their lives to the fullest.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be an industry leader providing innovative process technologies and solutions to industry with a focus on remaining flexible in an ever-changing world.


About Our Company

Turnkey Modular Systems Inc. (TKMS) is a custom fabricator with an in-house team of professionals dedicated to the engineering, design, fabrication, and delivery of integrated process modular systems. The company is located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada (the greater Toronto area) and our services include preliminary and detailed process design, 3-D modeling, modular construction, factory acceptance testing (FAT), installation, start-up and commissioning. TKMS is globally recognized for our unique expertise in the design and modular construction of custom-designed

built to order process systems and modules specifically for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Our modular expertise includes design concepts for standardized and pre-engineered approaches with flexibility for custom applications. With a focus on Plug and play, each TKMS system is designed and built to minimize site installation and validation efforts.

We Provide

Our goal is to reduce your project risk while saving you construction time and money. We provide strong project management, sound engineering principles, and high-quality manufacturing processes that are essential tenets in meeting the expectations of our clients. We ensure that each project receives a priority level of commitment from our management team and all of our employees are committed to customer satisfaction as our main focus. We stand ready to meet your industry needs in a fast and competitive manner. 

Our Core Strength

Our employees play an important part in the success of our business and many individuals have been working together since the early 1980's. Our workforce of highly skilled professionals has years of hands-on-experience and unequaled craftsmanship. It is our people that provide the leading edge technology for the design, the skills to construct the systems and their individual commitment to ensure that the products we provide meet the Quality Expectations of our clients. 

In our design and fabrication environment, everything we do is custom, so our processes and work flows are created to provide high quality products that are unique to each client resulting in the shipment of Modular Systems that assist our clients delivering their products to an ever-changing world. 

At Turn-Key Modular Systems, Modular is our Product, and Custom is our Standard


Headquarters & Factory

2590 Sheridan Garden Drive,

Oakville, Ontario Canada. L6J 7R2


Telephone: 1-905-608-8006

Fax: 1-905-608-8007