Covid 19

Working through COVID-19

At TKMS, we are committed to the health and safety of our employees, clients and partners. We understand our Important role in supporting our local Public Health and Government officials' battle against COVID-19.

In March 2020, we approached this Covid-19 pandemic with empathy and a sense of urgency. We implemented operating programs and protocols to maximize health and safety in our workforce. Today, we continue to adapt to these different approaches to our daily work with support and participation from our employees.

We directed our engineering and project management teams to work form home. We implemented social distancing, employee masking and staggered work hours for our production staff. As we manage through these differing times, we give special thanks to our front line workers and to the medical team that worked tirelessly to to help us beat the pandemic.

At TKMS we have implemented the following;

  • TKMS will continue to provide field and technical services to clients using strict safety guidelines while minimizing travel

  • We successfully implemented remote working arrangements for both our office and administrative staff

  • We use on-line collaboration tools and design methods with our clients and suppliers

  • Our production team is fully employed, in a Safe Manner and we continue to build modular systems for the pharmaceutical market in a Safe and Timely Way.

  • Our office and factory is closed to visitors and all non-essential people

TKMS is deemed to be an Essential Service.

These are the main guidelines we adhere to on a daily basis.



For additional Information, please contact our Human Resources group via email at