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Engineering & Manufacturing

A Time Lapse of a Large Scale Modular Integrated Process System

At TKMS, modular is our product and custom is our standard.

To provide modular process systems for the biopharm industry requires a unique set of abilities and specialized knowledge. These skillsets can only be attained through extensive and prolonged years of process engineering, design, & fabrication experience.  These distinctive capabilities are what sets TKMS above the competition.


Our in-house process know-how and fabrication expertise, allows us to provide The Best Way To Design & Build Modular Systems for our clients.


  • We have the expertise to develop the design and perform all the required disciplines in-house.

  • We have the in-house experience that allows for effective communication with clients throughout the design and build phases.

  • We have the skills and experience to procure the materials for the fabrication of the systems.

  • We deliver in a timely manner and have the experience in managing worldwide shipments.

  • We are responsible for the entire process and before we ship . . . . . .  We Test Fully.


In the end, Turnkey delivers. 


Engineering & Design

Our In-House Design team consists of the following:

  • Mechanical and structural Design

  • Process Engineering - preliminary to detail

  • Full BOM including tag lists and component specs

  • 3D modeling of systems, including suite layouts

  • Full electrical design, including I&E

  • Experienced project management

  • Full documentation to support validation

  • 3D planning for setting of systems and equipment



The TKMS factory is configured to separate frame and support structure fabrication from high purity piping.


A separate warehouse is dedicated to clean material storage and allows for detailed QA inspection and tagging and "kitting" of all components prior to arrival on our factory floor.


Kits are prepared using spool drawings, allowing our employees to pre-fabricate spools prior to items such as pumps, tanks and instruments being received. 

This approach to fabrication allows us to assemble systems quickly and optimize the timeline to manufacture. 

In our factory, we perform the following:

  • In-House inspection for material receiving

  • Frame and platform fabrication

  • Pipe spooling using orbital automatic welding

  • Boroscope inspection and logging of process welds

  • X-ray Inspection, when required

  • Polishing and final finishing to meet Industry standards

  • Cleaning & passivation of systems and equipment

  • Pressure testing to comply with TSSA & ASME

Cangene Platform Picture.jpg
Antanov 01.jpg
Loading Skid with Words 02.jpg

Testing and Delivery

Testing of modular systems. It is a key requirement of our Quality Program.


Our factory is outfitted with the following testing services:

  • Utility bay with raw & clean steam

  • Filtered & dried compressed air

  • Two tank CIP / Passivation system

  • DI water distribution system with 15,000L storage vessel and a central utility distribution loop with point of use drops throughout the production and FAT areas

  • 400 AMP & 600 V with transformers for 208 & 460 Volt testing 

  • Drive-in Bay for loading and shipping large modular sections


Our client FAT rooms are within close proximity to the factory floor for access and inspection of their systems, while onsite and prior to shipment. We provide full capabilities for running automation and allow for the simulation of client operating conditions prior to shipment.

When our systems have completed testing and signed off by our clients, we prepare for shipment. We ensure proper crating;  equipment is properly protected from weather conditions; and adequate loading and lifting conditions.


We have experience with ground, sea and air shipments, which allows TKMS to deliver modules throughout the world.

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