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Our Modular Products

TKMS is a modular manufacturing company that specializes in process systems for the pharmaceutical and biotech Industries. Our team always meets and often exceeds regulatory standards and requirements established by the industry. We are honoured to have an excellent list of clients that we successfully work with on a repeat basis. Our modular systems are custom designed for each client's requirements.

Upstream Process

  • Production Scale Fermenters

  • Production Scale Bioreactor Systems

  • Media Prep & Buffer Prep Systems

  • In-line Blending Systems

  • Formulation Systems

  • Continuous Sterilization

Downstream Process

  • Recovery System

  • Chromatography Systems

  • UF/MF/DF Filtration Systems

  • In-line Blending Systems

Clean Utility Process

  • CIP & SIP Systems

  • Bio-Waste Kill Systems

  • WFI Pump & Distribution Skids

  • PW Pump & Distribution Skids

  • Temperature Control Units

Specialty Process


  • Formulation Systems

  • Plasma Fractionation Systems

  • Vaccine Fermentation Systems

  • Large Scale Super Skid Systems

At TKMS, Modular is our Product and Custom is our Standard.

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