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TKMS Food Truck & Games Day - April 2022

After two years of cancelled employee events we finally were able to hold a Mini- Gathering. In April our plan was to hold an Employee Day in the Factory, our first in the past 24 months, but as Covid started to rise again, we changed the venue to only those employees that have been working in our factory setting. Our manufacturing team has been coming into their workplace daily, throughout Covid, and have been integral in the delivery of important systems to our clients, regardless of the lockdown and health restrictions that we have all overcome. We brought in a food truck and set up competitive games including Ping Pong, Casino Tables and a Name that Employee competition. Congratulations to the winners of the prizes and it is our hope that we can hold our next Employee Get Together in the summer of 2022 where we can all be outdoors and relax together.

Thanks to the Social Committee for arranging the day and to all that participated in a fun event.

Can you Name Each Employee ?

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