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TKMS Summer Picnic and Games Day - July 2022

Hot, Humid and Sunny - That was the weather for the TKMS corporate summer picnic & games day which was held July 16th, 2022 at the Kelso Provincial Park in Milton. Most of our staff, their families and the kids joined in and had a fun day at our summer get together. It was the first time that our staff has had an opportunity to meet, as many are still working from their remote locations. Great to see everyone - Finally !

The day was filled with Tug-of-War, Face Painting, Balloon Tossing, Rocket Launching and other games for all to participate. Most fun was the Balloon Tossing which went on all afternoon, as the kids found it fun to keep everyone cool by tossing the water balloons and cooling us down.

A food truck fed us with Burgers, Hot Dogs and Sausages, Salads, Fruit and Veggies, Chips and Sweet Desserts. No one went hungry and we devoured most of the food.

Our suppliers were kind enough to donate some fabulous prizes for many draw and quite a few staff went home with some great gifts, not to mention a Petro Canada Gas Card to an EV Owner ----- How did that happen? We are just glad he gave that gift card back for someone else to win.

It was a fun day and we look forward to our next event. For those that could not attend, watch for the next event and be sure to mark the date on your calendar as it is a way for TKMS staff to socialize and get away from their daily workload. Thanks to the Social Committee for arranging a Fun Day at the Park and for everyone's families for attending.

TUG-OF-War competition - for old guys it was tough

Rocket Launching - Watch out cause someone could get hit !

I hope this is not representative of our Engineering Skills

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