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"In 2005 we issued a design contract to Turnkey to provide a modular approach for building our new batching and blending prep system. They delivered a solid design as well as all the modular sections to meet our needs. Everything worked as planned and we awarded them several other contracts over the following years. They are a great company to work with especially with regards to communication. Over the past years TKMS has delivered successful systems for each of the additional projects we awarded them"                                        

Director of Engineering - Pharma Client 

"What can I say . . . . . . .  they performed above and beyond our expectations. Our entire project consisted of 18 modular sections and was shipped on 16 flatbed trucks. It went together on-site as planned and of all our suppliers, they were the first company to deliver "AS PROMISED". Turnkey Modular Systems was the best performing supplier on this Greenfield project and we regret not having awarded them more modular skids for our project."

Site Project Manager - Global Pharma Client

“As an A&E firm, we work with many equipment and skid manufacturers, but working with TKMS has been a rewarding experience. Their deliverables, the ongoing project scheduling and project management communication is first class. There were no surprises, no complaining - they simply met the expectations of our client and more. We highly recommend anyone in the BioPharma Industry to work with them any time they get an opportunity.  Thanks to the team at TKMS for their commitment and meeting the goals of our clients."

Principal in an Engineering Firm

"As a global Pharmaceutical manufacturer we took a giant leap to award TKMS a large scale Fermentation System for our new vaccine suite and after working with them and experiencing their quality and timely delivery, we would work with them again. It was one of the the best "Fast Track Projects" that we had completed and our ability to leverage the FAT enabled us to expedite our site validation activities quicker and less costly. They were a pleasure to work with and we are very happy that we selected TKMS to be our modular partner."

Director of Engineering - Pharma Client

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