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Manufacturing Center

TKMS is located in Oakville, Ontario Canada, a part of the Greater Toronto Area. Our close proximity to the US border allows for one or two-day shipment to most of our clients in the United States.

Our manufacturing center integrates frame and platform fabrication, control panel wiring, pipe fitting and automatic welding, as well as skilled assembly of systems that meet the needs of the biotech and pharmaceutical Industry.

Manufacturing Facility

The TKMS Headquarters and Manufacturing Center includes the following:

  • 60,000 Sq. Ft overall facility with 50,000 Sq. Ft. of clean manufacturing space

  • Drive-in Bay for shipping / loading Area

  • Factory Acceptance Test bed with the following:

    • Utility Plant Steam​

    • Clean Steam

    • USP Grade Water

    • Clean Dry Filtered Air

    • Two Tank CIP System

    • Pipe Chase for Distribution of Utilities

    • 400 AMP at 600 Volt as well as 208 Volt and 460 Volt

  • Automatic Welding Machines

  • Visual Boroscope & other testing equipment

The facility includes dedicated client FAT suites for exclusive use by our customers during their FAT and site visits. 

Our isolated warehousing is dedicated to clean segregation of all materials and is configured for visual inspection of materials and tagging and identification of all components. 

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