Quality and Safety

The TKMS Commitment to Quality & Safety


As a Provider of Equipment to the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries, Turnkey Modular Systems is committed to maintaining the Highest Standards of Quality and Safety in its Project Execution, Engineering and Fabrication Practices.


During the Design and Fabrication phase of all Modules, TKMS provides Fabrication and Assembly Quality Assurance/Control Services to achieve the desired level of Confidence in the Integrity of the Modules. TKMS implements and adheres to written Operating Procedures defining Activities, Responsibilities and Required Approvals to ensure Adequate Process Controls and Safe practices to meet the specific needs of each Client’s project.

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The TKMS Quality Program


The TKMS Current Quality Program is based on CSA B51, and under this code, we follow ASME B31.1 & B31.3 for piping systems as well as ASME Section VIII for vessels. TKMS is certified by TSSA under ASME B51 for Canadian Applications.


We follow BPE for all BioPharma projects.

Our Systems provides for the following:

  • Tracking and Review of Engineering and Design Documentation

  • Control of Information to Production

  • Control of Procurement Activities

  • Ongoing Inspection of Manufacturing and Fabrication Processes

  • Record keeping for Project history and Documentation

  • Acceptance Testing of final Product and Systems

  • Stainless Steel material only in our Facility

  • Segregated QA and Warehouse Areas

  • Receiving and incoming Inspection of Materials as well as Control of the same to Production

  • Utility Bay configured for Comprehensive FAT with POU Drops throughout the Factory

  • 16' x16' Drive-in door for loading of Process Systems


TKMS is an active member of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers that supports the Continuous Improvement & Standardization of Products and Systems

Our Safety Program

Workers with Safety Vests

At TKMS, we believe that the Well-Being of our Team is Fundamental to Everyone's Health and Safety. We implement Safe Workplace Practices, Continual Employee Training and Proper PPE to ensure that everyone is working in a Safe and Effective Manner.


Our Health & Safety program extends to Clients, Vendors and all Visitors to our Facility. It is this focus that drives our Safety Record to minimize Injuries in our Workplace.

We are proud of our record and know it is only Accomplished due to our dedication to Safety Practices and Individual Health and Wellness.

At TKMS, Safety doesn't happen by accident, it is what we practice that counts!