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ISPE San Francisco Trade Show - March 2023

For many years, TKMS has been an active member of ISPE (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers) and over the years, there are several meetings and shows, run by various regional chapters located throughout the world. The company usually attends the Annual General meeting as well as other local get togethers and trade shows.

The meeting in San Francisco included over 150 table top booths and various training seminars to educate the ISPE members. For the first time, TKMS attended the meeting in San Francisco which was held at Oracle Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants. Mike and Paul attended the show and manned the TKMS booth which overlooked 3rd base. Although it was held outdoors under the coverage of the stadium, It was a successful event and the company had the opportunity to discuss our capabilities with many west coast clients and it included the opportunity to meet other individuals that we had worked with previously.

It also gave us an opportunity to visit several clients offices and to do a bit of sight seeing.

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