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TKMS 2023 Winter Gala Event

The staff of TKMS gathered at Jackson Landing in Burlington on Saturday, December 9th, for a sit down dinner that included an evening of socializing and celebration of another year at TKMS. It was an opportunity for employees and their guests, to mingle with each other and enjoy good food, with lots of laughter and fun, plus energetic dancing. A shout out and special congratulations goes to the team of Roy, Earl, Dave, and Elvis, for lighting up the dance floor "All Night Long." 

 Everyone in attendance celebrated another year at TKMS, and enjoyed the gala event, and especially the fine food served by the Jackson Landing staff.

To those who were at the event, a special thanks was given by managment for their hard work and social participation and especially for contributing to the company success over the past year. To the staff that were unable to attend, your management team has the same message and adds, "Thank You, for your dedication over the past year", but we did miss your attendance.

It is our hope that our employees and their families, enjoy a Wonderful & Safe Holiday Season !

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